What is 3D Modeling and Design?

What is 3D Modeling and Design?

In total, design means the development of a concept for a future product, including all its components, functions, appearance, and other characteristics.

Designing involves working on an idea from scratch and contains the entire process of forming a finished object from this idea.

The main goal of design is to create an object that meets specific goals and is able to perform certain tasks that were originally envisaged.

This term is applicable to various industries.

In particular, the following areas are distinguished:

  • Engineering design;
  • Architectural and construction design;
  • Interior design;
  • Design of various systems and much more.

How the project is developed

The key point of the quality implementation of the project is to discuss its details with the customer. On the basis of this, the main objectives of the assignment are determined, and the basic way of implementing the idea is formed.

The values ​​of approaches such as:

  • Functional design;
  • Optimal design;
  • System design.

Further, basic sketches, drawings are formed, and product development begins in 3D modeling programs. At each stage of modeling, if necessary, the object or its individual elements are adjusted.

After the 3D model meets all the requirements, it is reproduced in full or in detail on a 3D printer.

Custom design

During the work, the project is worked out both in a complex way and in separate components. Perfect functioning and complete synchronization of all elements of a holistic system are imperative.

In addition to the production of projects, there is a wide range of services provided by 3D technologies:

  • 3D modeling;
  • 3D printing FDM, SLA;
  • 3D scanning;
  • Layout;
  • Prototyping;
  • Medical 3D printing;
  • Development of 3D models by sample;
  • Small batch production;
  • Creation of products according to drawings and sketches;
  • Restoration of damaged products;
  • Development of 3D models from photos;
  • Creation of products by description.

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