Applications of 3D Printing in Industries

Applications of 3D Printing in Industries

Today, three-dimensional modeling of objects in space is no longer considered something from the world of fiction. Anyone can buy a 3D printer for printing three-dimensional products. This device has become quite popular. It has found application in many areas.

Small business

With the help of a 3D printer, you can print souvenirs and gifts, accessories, keychains, toys, and so on.

Clothing designers use this device to print layouts of things.

Also with the help of the printer make various household items (boxes, vases, lampshades) and utensils.

Unfortunately, the speed of printing products is still low. If you increase the demand for products, you can buy several more devices. Budget models themselves cost about $5,000. The price of advanced printers can exceed $50,000.

Automobile construction

The most popular printers for automobile printing are BAAM – industrial 3D printer produced by Cincinnati Incorporated and Materialize Mammoth.

The first is using to produce parts for Strati and Shelby Cobra cars.

The Materialize Mammoth model works on the principle of electron beam melting. It is ideal for the production of vehicles, where it is unacceptable to connect parts with glue. Coating by pouring greatly simplifies the process of creating parts.


Some manufacturers have begun to produce special 3D printers for construction. Their cost is quite high (more than $15,000).

Such devices can print houses with an area exceeding 144 square meters.

The main difficulty in developing such a printer – to teach him to use different raw materials.

The use of three-dimensional printing will help significantly reduce construction costs and replace a person in dangerous places.

In 2014, Winsun demonstrated a printer capable of building full-fledged homes. This unique technique can print a house from scratch in just 24 hours.

Picture Credit: Pexels

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