Product highlights from EuroMold 2013

Picture credit: Euromold 2013

EuroMold 2013 witnessed 4 days of technology displays and product reveals. Now when the event is over, a level of excitement is being building up surrounding the industry of 3D printing. Quite a few products were revealed by the firm, 3D Systems with the major ones being ProX 950 and Sense Consumer Scanner. Rumour is that all such products will be responsible in the way the industry moves in 2014.

Listed below are few of those products that created quite a ripple during the event:

·           Sense Consumer Scanner: Photography is given an entirely different edge by this product that enables individuals to relish every aspect of their photographs- graduation day, wedding, or arrival of new baby. Any image or photograph can be transformed into 3D image just after a single scanning.

·           ProX 950: It comes with massive accuracy and finishes projects quicker than a normal printer. The print head technology of PolyRay is used by the device, producing real parts 10 times faster than other competitor printers available in the market.

·           ProX 300: With a R&D process lasting more than a decade, what resulted is a metal 3D printing device. The device is easy to setup with the print speed being pretty fast and parts being very dense. The device has the capability of producing very complex assemblies and parts.

Apart from these printers, the company revealed 4 other printers as well in the form of ProX 200, ProX 100, ProX 500 and Project 1200.

These products may have been creating quite a level of excitement in the world of technology, but the best thing that’s happening with these printers is that they are being successful in grabbing eyeballs of the investors as well. ProX 300, ProX 200 and ProX 100 printers are being rebranded actually as Phenix Printers. The purchase of Phenix by 3D Systems in early 2013 was a big move by this company, with the rebranded versions been proven actually to be a valuable addition to their already famed line- up of printers.

Furthermore, the company has joined hands with internet giant Google in regards to Project Ara. It involves multi- material development of 3D printing which can be applied in creation of customizable smart- phone.

After EuroMold 2013, many considered that the event marked the decline of the China Era since 3D printing has never been centred in this part of the world.

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