The advantages of the Steinbichler Comet L3D

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Steinbichler has revised the model of its 3D scanner. It offers a completey new and modified 3D scanning service with the Comet L3D scanner that has a capacity of 5MP. The resolution has been improved in the newer version so as to enable a better capturing of surface details of objects.

The scanner is both efficient and compact and it opens before you a completely new dimension in the acquisition of 3D data with the help of the new LED technology. The precision involved in data capturing by this portable device accomplishes the task quicker and more efficiently. Being economic, the scanner also offers great solution for the entry level users. The construction of the device is robust and the components are dust proof so that it may be used in industrial conditions. Moreover, the sensor can be positioned with the help of the tripod.

The technology of BLUE-LED offered by the 3D scanning service enables quick recording up to five million points for measuring. Where the object has quite of lot of minute features and details, this device works more efficiently and faster. Low distance enables a trouble free work in places that are confined.  The concept of the software offers a combination with the photogrammetric procedures for measuring so as to digitalize the large objects.

The area of functioning of the sensor is diversified. It was launched in mid 2011, and since then, has played an important role in 3D scanning.

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