Be a stormtrooper with the application of three dimensional printing

Picture Credit: Disney

3D printing has become so popular a technology that it has managed to reached even those spheres that could hardly be expected to exhibit such modern technology. Those visiting Florida Park can have the opportunity of their images preserved for life as stormtrooper at the Disney Hollywood Studios. This should become a lifetime experience forall big Star Wars fans.

This was possible with the help of 3D printing service that Star Wars Weekend offered at this park. While carbonite figurines were the offering last year, this year looks at the new idea of stormtrooper figure.

This process requires 3D scanning the people visiting the park. The file so obtained is sent for processing at the 3D printing service. Following this, print is obtained and sent to concerned person’s address. The time that passes between the process of scanning with print out reaching the address of the person is only eight weeks. For a stormtrooper figure, the time taken can be little more as it uses colorized ingredients.

Disney’s Research Labs seem happy while being proud of their endeavor. The face scanner used in the procedure is three dimensional and takes one shot only. Spend only $99.95 at the Disney Hollywood Studios’ forthe miniature stormtrooper and miniature carbonite figures.

Whether you are or not a great Star Wars fan, the amazing experience would surely delight every soul that loves technology. After all, it is a lifetime experience, and it should be grabbed.

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