Inception of Go MODEL Reverse Engineering Tool for Creaform

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The inception of the Go MODEL equipment from 3D Systems was recently announced. The main purpose behind the development of this equipment is to make the process of reverse engineering of 3D models simple and fast. The product was launched along with Go SCAN 3D scanner from Creaform. With the help of this portable equipment, 3D scanning can be carried out everywhere and anywhere without the need of complicated setups or restrictions.

The combination of the both the products help in capturing 3D data and then creating top quality model translations, perfect for applications of various types. Surfacing serviceableness and editing abilities are provided along with different functions specifically catered to the new scanner from Creaform. The convenience offered by this equipment is simply the best.

When 3D scanning seems necessary, the equipment is capable of completing several tasks along with scan editing. Objects scanned for printing can be prepared with this equipment. Automation is included within the equipment which allows the user to perform the entire scanning process in a quick manner as the equipment is pre-programmable. This is smart piece of equipment where the file sizes are cut in half. A lot of space can be saved apart from maintaining thorough accuracy. NURBS surfacing is one of the striking features of the equipment. Surfaces created with this feature can be utilized by CAD and CAM programs which cannot translate HD meshes.

In order to get the best out of every scan, 3D scanning equipment like this is perfect. There is hardly any other equipment that could have complimented this Creaform scanner because of the wide range of options and functionality it offers that are easy to execute. This portable equipment is convenient to use and reduces guesswork amount to a large extent. Functions are streamlined and user experience is improved. Creation of models and processing of data is carried out in a professional manner.

Majority of people are of the opinion that 3D scanning is complicated. When scanning an object in wild, configuration needs to be minimal to start with the process. The equipment should function in a way where it can be started and immediately the work can begin. This is the basic advantage of this equipment where configuration is not at all required. This equipment starts to work without any difficulty from the beginning. With the help of this equipment all types of scanning tasks becomes easy and convenient.

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