3D Scanning Project on Body Scanning Launched

The inception of a new project by UK researchers aims towards revolutionizing workers safety in North Sea working in oil platforms. Six hundred offshore workers will be measured and the collected data will be used in every aspect of offshore safety and health issues. This includes design of survival suit, helicopter evacuation during emergencies and space availability in life rafts.

3D scanning study of this kind has never taken place before and it was only during the mid-80’s offshore workers body size survey was conducted. The most interesting thing to notice is that since then, workforce weight has risen by almost 19%.

The research aims to gather as much data as possible so that daily work and even emergency situations do not falter because of improper safety issues. During evacuation procedures, it is always better to have an idea regarding space availability inside helicopters and lifeboats. This helps in evacuating people easily and mishaps can be easily avoided.

Two scanners will be used by researchers for production of 3D image. These processes can be easily completed within a matter of few seconds. The devices used are portable and assists researchers in collecting data easily from different locations.

The research has received a funding of £ 150,000 and some of the well known researchers from all over the world are leading this project. The 3D scanning study is anticipated to bring about huge changes that will offer workers with more safety than what was available a few years earlier.

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