Blackhawk Helicopter Training Utilizes 3D Scanning

Unknown to majority of people, trainers are often used by military to assist soldiers with using different types of equipments. This is quite common in case of aircraft training. Without the need to leave ground, military personnel can learn the art of flying and become pilots without risking expensive equipments. The specialty of these trainers is that they can educate personnel’s on repairing aircraft without the need to cause real damage. Because of the importance of these trainers, immediate response was available from EMS after they were contacted by some military supplier.

Re-creation of Blackhawk helicopter maintenance entry area was required to be performed. But, the only problem was that the interior and the doors were quite complicated and CAD models were not available to work on. The 3D scanning services from EMS helped to complete the entire task.

The complicated structure of the area was extremely difficult to access and the Z800 scanner was put to use by EMS for collecting all the data required for building a CAD model. As there is no tripod or arm attached with the scanner, it made the task extremely easy by getting into the crannies and nooks. A proper scanned image was taken from the helicopter’s top by EMS. The helicopter’s upper portion was captured within two hours or so along with every mechanical part under the entry doors.

After the completion of the scan, raw data was turned to CAD model. This procedure was carried out with the help of the 3D scanning RapidForm software. It is possible for engineers to import data by using the software and create 3D model and surface. After the completion of the procedure, the entire data was given to the supplier that would assist future technicians with repairing Blackhawk helicopter. Through manual measurements it would have been an extremely difficult task to build some model accurately.

Complicated shapes can be replicated exactly for modeling by using 3D scanning. The service offered by EMS was not only outstanding but transformed a complicated machinery piece within a few hours which would have been impossible with any other procedures. The inception of such technologies not only promises a brighter future but ensures that every work is done with perfection and accuracy. This is mainly the reason why an increasing number of companies are adopting such technologies to increase the efficiency of their business and reach new heights of success.

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