To Doodle Objects it’s Much Easier With The 3doodler

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Technology has evolved over the phase of 100 years, especially the last two decades has completely transformed the use and the world of products on offer. Possibilities have grown manifolds and the world of 3D markets has seen wonders. To add a new feature to the list of 3D products is the 3Doodler. The product is produced by WoobleWorks and has been launched through the Kickstarter campaign. This launch received great response after it got released through the campaign.

It has already received pledges worth $1.1 million as against $30,000 which was the initial target for the company. For using this device one needs to plug it to the electric outlet. The product is shaped in a gun type object and heats up the plastic for emitting the shape desired to be drawn. After the shape is drawn the plastic freezes quite quickly which creates a 3D object in thin air. The popularly used ABS plastic that is common for other 3D printers works out the best to be used with this object. Using a foot of a plastic can make one object of 11 feet in size. Upon its launch the product is expected to be priced at $75 which would include the plastic strand so that they need nothing more to get started. The technology behind 3Doodler is innovative, creative and something which adds a new dimension to this world of 3D printing.

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