Missing Soldiers Found with the Help of 3d Printing

3D Printers look like some luxury items that are used in architectural models. But the reality is that they are not just limited to architectural models. Recently these printers were used to solve many criminal cases and identify bodies of people who had gone missing. The 3D printers have proved to be beneficial in more ways than none.

Picture credit : canadianmanufacturing.com

In Hawaii the military lab has started using 3D printers to identify remains of many POWs. There are many prisoners who had gone missing when they were in action. This lab is under MIA and POW Accounting Command. There are many traditional methods that have been used in identifying the bodies but the 3D printing technology has proved to be a revolution. Using the 3D printing technology the lab has developed a three dimensional model of the remains. Traditionally they used the superimposition technique that would help them identifying the body of the soldiers. In this process they would overlap the photos of a missing person and compare with the skull that would be recovered. Both the images would then be resized and they would make adjustments so that they could fit together. Then finally they would determine whether they were matching or not.

The main problem was that this process was not fully reliable. The scientists could only use the photographs in this process and sometimes the result was not accurate. This makes 3D printing a better option for the scientists as it is very accurate. Through 3D printing the scientists are making replicas of skulls in 3D format. They create CT Scans and compare the photos with that of living people. This helps in refining and understanding through this superimposition technique. It generally takes 45 hours to create one replica through this printer. But the best part is it saves a lot of time for the scientist once the replica is created. This is another achievement in the field of 3D printing. The medical world and scientist have been already appreciating this technology and it has again proved to be good.

Again 3D printers have proved to be beneficial for humans and everyone is appreciating it. One should celebrate this and the creators would be really enjoying the success. This technology has been helping in discovering new fields and humans have been able to reach those areas which were thought to be impossible.

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