BMW Vehicle Scanned and Produced Through 3d Printing

Production of models for vehicles is indeed very profitable as investors love to see their investments in shape. It does not mean that production of a precise model is any easy task. CAD and other advance software are required to complete the production of a vehicle model. People may have to spend several weeks in order to finish the responsibility unless they have the revolutionary 3D printing technology. 3D scanning and printing of objects considerably reduces the time required for creation of blueprint and its subsequent model. A scaled models maker company recently scanned a sedan from BMW 5 series. They opted for 3D scanning instead of manual formation of CAD model of the vehicle.

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This company contacted EMS and assigned the task to it. EMS used its 3D scanner named Surphaser for the assignment. Mere 10 scans in high resolution were able to completely scan the entire vehicle. Due to minute detailed information, each scan occupied around 1GB in size. Z Corp Z 800 was then used for 3D scanning, which captured the interiors of the vehicles.

A 3D CAD model was then prepared with the captured data. RapidForm is software which was used to transform the captured figure into a model. It has to be mentioned here that it was not merely a wired model but quite a detailed one so that the client company can use it without further delays. The RapidForm software can capture surface as well as interior details. EMS was able to produce the model within 2 weeks through 3D scanning and printing. In comparison to time that is required for the formation of CAD model, the time required by EMS seemed negligible.

The sets of data are merged after they are properly aligned and organised. In this way a complete solution is derived for 3D printing. All data are fed into computer at high definition so that even minute details are preserved after getting captured by the system. Although manual data compilation into information has been the custom in the production industry, latest innovations have paved the way to conservation of considerable time. In the BMW vehicle case, both scale firm and EMS had their respective cheers.

While the client firm got its scanned model, EMS established the efficiency of 3D printing yet again. Like EMS, other firms would also have to have proper and high-end equipment along with expertise to bring the revolutionary change to the production industry.


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