Pro Jet3500 3D Printers are the Latest Advancement in 3d Print Industry

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ProJet3500 3D printers of 3D Systems are the latest technological advancement that the industry of 3D printing has witnessed. Eight models have been released in the category and altogether ProJet3500 printers have revolutionary potential. The advancement in this innovation is hint of long-term impact of ProJet3500 printers.

Substances required by ProJet3500 printers are still the same, plastic, wax, etc. However, other aspects have been upgraded by the company. Now, 3D printers can be operated through mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. The control of all eight models is facilitated with touch-screen. Material management and production-level printers’ head are also features of ProJet3500 printers. All the models are based on CPXMAX and HDMAX Pro Jet technology, on which MultiJet was built too. 3D Systems’ substances for Visi Jet can be utilised in ProJet3500 as well. Since the machine can be directed through mobile devices, the company provides mobile application too. It is named Print3D. Apart from these, the company provides 5years’ warranty on the printer heads too. Special design of the model has made 3D printing convenient that it was ever before. From reverse engineering to fresh production, ProJet3500 are capable of every task.

Pro Jet3500 promise a new era of 3D printing in which the service would not remain reserved for specific group of people or companies. It shall soon make 3D printers readily available in every locality of developed cities and towns.

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