London and Helsinki based MakieLab launches a user designed 3D Printer doll

3d printing by
Picture credit: MAKIE.ME

MAKIE.ME offers 10″ action dolls designed by you. You choose the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, even the width of the smile and shape of the hands.

We’ve seen amazing levels of creativity from our customers since letting the first few in during open alpha just a few weeks ago”, says Alice Taylor, founder and CEO of MakieLab. “We’re now hard at work to enable further customization of MAKIES, more creativity, and to expand to include digital and physical gaming.”

Customization clearly adds a large amount of value to toys, with one example out of the US being Build a Bear Workshop. The website and brick-and-mortar storefronts give children a few choices when designing their stuffed animal, providing a much higher sense of ownership.

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