EMS 3D Printing helps BMW M3 Go Faster

BMW is known for creating stylish and incredibly fast cars. However, the M series is a cut above the rest in terms of performance and speed. After all, this series is short for Motorsport, which was initially created for the BMW racing program. These cars are more aerodynamic, have faster engines and transmissions, and are generally set apart from the rest of the BMW models.

A light version of the M3 was recently released in Europe. What made this vehicle light was that it had a lightweight carbon fiber spoiler and front chin spoiler. The look was extremely stylish and popular, however, it made many U.S. BMW owners envious. RSC tuning, which is based in Miami, NFL, decided to offer these spoilers as an aftermarket accessory. However, they needed a 3D scanning service in order to complete this task. Read more …

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