Military to Take Advantage of 3D Printing on the Field

3d-printing-in-military-wikiThere are reports of another revolutionary use of 3D Printing. If the words doing the rounds in Panama City Beach are to be believed then the US Navy is set to get unfair advantage of 3D printing on the field.

New concepts in 3D printing technology are under test right now. 3D printers are being used to produce equipment, parts and even vehicles that are essential in combat. At this stage, the production is completely for analysis of the hardware. These research and experiment are expected to make the already mighty military even more powerful.

The Navy has a 3D printer technician who is experienced in creating everything from elephants to small trucks with the help of 3D printers. He has even produced model of a boat with 3D printing technology. Its creation took nearly forty hours. However, the same task would have been much more costly and would have taken considerably longer had any other process been involved in it.

Things that typically take months in production can be created in a few days with the help of 3D printing technology now. Undoubtedly, 3D printing is expected to revolutionise manufacturing industry. There may come a day soon when a person visits an automotive parts store for certain gear and asks for a 3D printed model of the same in case of inventory-stock shortage.

3DS recently introduced printers that can be used for production of ceramics. In fact, there are 3D printers that can be used in bakeries as they can easily make decorations and quick additions to confections. What is noteworthy is that the decorations are made of completely edible ingredients and can be the eatable part of sweet delicacies.

The 3D printing machines have quite advanced capabilities. It is true for producer sector, consumer sector and commercial sector. 3D printing business can be very profitable activity as it can potentially attract investment by both commercial establishments and military. Simultaneously, it has showed consumers what and how much can be done right at home. From the capability to create just another item for some work to the scope for a different level of creativity for artists, it seems 3D printers are rightly being onsidered as the next great technological innovation.

On the other hand, 3D printer can be the innovation that may help the US Navy achieve its quest of attaining the apex position among naval defence forces in the World.

Image credit: Wikipedia

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Product highlights from EuroMold 2013


Picture credit: Euromold 2013

EuroMold 2013 witnessed 4 days of technology displays and product reveals. Now when the event is over, a level of excitement is being building up surrounding the industry of 3D printing. Quite a few products were revealed by the firm, 3D Systems with the major ones being ProX 950 and Sense Consumer Scanner. Rumour is that all such products will be responsible in the way the industry moves in 2014.

Listed below are few of those products that created quite a ripple during the event:

·           Sense Consumer Scanner: Photography is given an entirely different edge by this product that enables individuals to relish every aspect of their photographs- graduation day, wedding, or arrival of new baby. Any image or photograph can be transformed into 3D image just after a single scanning.

·           ProX 950: It comes with massive accuracy and finishes projects quicker than a normal printer. The print head technology of PolyRay is used by the device, producing real parts 10 times faster than other competitor printers available in the market.

·           ProX 300: With a R&D process lasting more than a decade, what resulted is a metal 3D printing device. The device is easy to setup with the print speed being pretty fast and parts being very dense. The device has the capability of producing very complex assemblies and parts.

Apart from these printers, the company revealed 4 other printers as well in the form of ProX 200, ProX 100, ProX 500 and Project 1200.

These products may have been creating quite a level of excitement in the world of technology, but the best thing that’s happening with these printers is that they are being successful in grabbing eyeballs of the investors as well. ProX 300, ProX 200 and ProX 100 printers are being rebranded actually as Phenix Printers. The purchase of Phenix by 3D Systems in early 2013 was a big move by this company, with the rebranded versions been proven actually to be a valuable addition to their already famed line- up of printers.

Furthermore, the company has joined hands with internet giant Google in regards to Project Ara. It involves multi- material development of 3D printing which can be applied in creation of customizable smart- phone.

After EuroMold 2013, many considered that the event marked the decline of the China Era since 3D printing has never been centred in this part of the world.

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A guide to Purchasing a 3D printer

You would remember that in our last discussion we talked about the various attributes that you should look for when you are planning to purchase 3D printer. As for the application of 3D scanning and 3D printing, it is important to select the perfect equipment for completion of the job that you are required to perform. We would continue with our discussion so as to guide you into purchasing the perfect instrument.

For pre production

When you are considering printing technology together with 3D scanning in pre production, you need t be sure of the quality of the device and its level of performance. Pre production includes the manufacturing which takes place prior to a product’s large scale orders. Thus, if you are desirous of doing a just a little run, it could be really expensive performing the task without the use of traditional methods. However, when have already invested in 3D scanner and printer, printing becomes and easier process. When you think of bringing about some physical changes, you require scanning the components. You can thus create new models in just a few days, than weeks that would otherwise go in sending the items back for manufacturing. The time between phase of pre production and launch of the product is thus reduced. Continue reading

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Facts about Home-based 3D Printing

3DSystems_Cube_3D_Printer3D Printing can be found in news more often nowadays than ever. The technology seems to have made its significance felt most industries and sectors. It is populating rapidly with further advancements in technology. However, a little deeper understanding of the technology might reveal to people that it is not what they have imagined to be. People seem to think they can download products, scan them or develop them with the help of CAD application and simply use a 3D printer to produce the object. However, the reality is anything but this. Printing out objects in 3D is yet a distant reality. There are several aspects to be corrected, enhanced, added or removed to make the handy enough to allow people 3D print things at home.

The popularity of 3D printing is the result of successful hype as well as lack of reports on facts about the technology. People have developed the expectation that objects can be printed with all the minute details. However, the reality by far is that the objects printed with the help of 3D printer lack details and are not finished to the expectation. A complete object is produced in parts to ensure some fine definition on each part. The parts are then assembled to produce a relatively accurate object.

The mechanism of 3D printing is amazing. A 3D printer uses plaster powder to produce objects layer after the layer and adds colour to it by infusing inkjet ink to each layer. Interestingly, people who have not seen the production of the object believe that it is made of plastic, metal, rubber or other regular material. While objects do look so real, they are not useful for regular functions.

There are exhibitions of items that are complex and serve the expected purpose and are claimed to have been produced by 3D printing. That is deception. The machines that are used to produce those items are extremely expensive and not of the same class as home 3D printer. Moreover, they may also be processed to give them the finish after the print.

In short, objects can be produced at very low cost with the help of 3D printing technique but the product requires going through other processes to be finally ready as a real product. However, the last statement is sadly not the part of most reports on 3D printers. Undoubtedly, the technology is amazing but it needs to be further streamlined for mass use.

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Be a stormtrooper with the application of three dimensional printing


Picture Credit: Disney

3D printing has become so popular a technology that it has managed to reached even those spheres that could hardly be expected to exhibit such modern technology. Those visiting Florida Park can have the opportunity of their images preserved for life as stormtrooper at the Disney Hollywood Studios. This should become a lifetime experience forall big Star Wars fans.

This was possible with the help of 3D printing service that Star Wars Weekend offered at this park. While carbonite figurines were the offering last year, this year looks at the new idea of stormtrooper figure. Continue reading

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LeaderTek- The team behind LIFE OF PI’s stunning 3D visuals

Picture Credit :

Picture Credit :

Rhythm & Hues, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, is easily one of the leading visual effects studios in the world. Its latest venture, the extra-ordinarily filmed LIFE OF PI, won several awards this year including the coveted Best Director Oscar for Ang Lee. This visually-stunning adventure 3D drama created a new benchmark in the film-world because of its special-effects, which was highly praised by critics from all quarters and was appreciated by audience globally. Besides that, it picked up all the technical and visual-effects awards all over the world including Best Visual Effects award at the Oscars.

But the R&H studio that made all this possible, took help from a lesser known 3D scanning service bureau called LeaderTek from Taiwan, which enabled them to take advantage of 3D capture to bring out the amazing and beautiful effects on screen.

Ang Lee, who previously won the directing Oscar for his coming-of-age film BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN back in 2005, bagged the coveted prize once again this year for his visionary thinking and imagination behind this tale of massive proportions. The director hired R&H studios to come on-board in his mission to do something which is “next-to-impossible”. The studio having offices across many countries including Taiwan, Canada, India, Malaysia and the U.S took the technical responsibility of producing several visual effects shots that needed to be presented in 3D stereo.

The movie garnered rave reviews because of its large-than-life portrayal of Richard Parker, the Bengal Tiger, who many believed to be as good and as real as a “living-and-breathing” version of it in the real world. Apart from that, the water and skies which got digitally recreated were just stunning along with the floating raft, Meerkat Island and other additional creatures that made one to believe in a world which is something that is beyond the control of the humans.

LeaderTek used the laser scanner FARO Focus 3D to capture digitally the raft and the lifeboat. They chose the software of  reverse engineering, Rapidform XOR, which was used to merge and optimize the data affiliated with point cloud scan and bring them together into an STL file. The software has the ability to combinine 3D scanning data process with CAD. Thus, it helps in creating feature based along with solid editable models with the environment of CAD.

LeaderTek’s Sales Engineer, Mr.Edward Yao was in full praise when describing the features of the Rapidform XOR. He hailed it to be the best and easily the most effective among its competitors, as it is capable of working with raw data in massive quantity along with Faro Focus 3D scanner, which easily makes him and the team very much satisfied and happy with the final outcome along with all the cine-goers around the world.

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3D Scanning Project on Body Scanning Launched

The inception of a new project by UK researchers aims towards revolutionizing workers safety in North Sea working in oil platforms. Six hundred offshore workers will be measured and the collected data will be used in every aspect of offshore safety and health issues. This includes design of survival suit, helicopter evacuation during emergencies and space availability in life rafts.

3D scanning study of this kind has never taken place before and it was only during the mid-80’s offshore workers body size survey was conducted. The most interesting thing to notice is that since then, workforce weight has risen by almost 19%.

The research aims to gather as much data as possible so that daily work and even emergency situations do not falter because of improper safety issues. During evacuation procedures, it is always better to have an idea regarding space availability inside helicopters and lifeboats. This helps in evacuating people easily and mishaps can be easily avoided.

Two scanners will be used by researchers for production of 3D image. These processes can be easily completed within a matter of few seconds. The devices used are portable and assists researchers in collecting data easily from different locations.

The research has received a funding of £ 150,000 and some of the well known researchers from all over the world are leading this project. The 3D scanning study is anticipated to bring about huge changes that will offer workers with more safety than what was available a few years earlier.

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To Doodle Objects it’s Much Easier With The 3doodler

Picture Credit :

Picture Credit :

Technology has evolved over the phase of 100 years, especially the last two decades has completely transformed the use and the world of products on offer. Possibilities have grown manifolds and the world of 3D markets has seen wonders. To add a new feature to the list of 3D products is the 3Doodler. The product is produced by WoobleWorks and has been launched through the Kickstarter campaign. This launch received great response after it got released through the campaign.

It has already received pledges worth $1.1 million as against $30,000 which was the initial target for the company. For using this device one needs to plug it to the electric outlet. The product is shaped in a gun type object and heats up the plastic for emitting the shape desired to be drawn. After the shape is drawn the plastic freezes quite quickly which creates a 3D object in thin air. The popularly used ABS plastic that is common for other 3D printers works out the best to be used with this object. Using a foot of a plastic can make one object of 11 feet in size. Upon its launch the product is expected to be priced at $75 which would include the plastic strand so that they need nothing more to get started. The technology behind 3Doodler is innovative, creative and something which adds a new dimension to this world of 3D printing.

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What 3D Printing has to do in Car Productions?

Picture Credit

Picture Credit

It is impossible to imagine an automobile industry without the robots and machines doing all the work to make vehicles. But it is no wonder that polymer spraying printers are now fast replacing the old fashioned automobile industry. These printers create such mobiles as are cheap and efficient besides being light.

The Urbee should be taken for an example of such kind of vehicle that has been built by the method of 3D printing. Urbee is a light weight vehicle. In the more traditional automobile industries, the parts and scetions of vehicles were required to be carried across seas and the manufacturers, likewise, waited for the assembling work to be done before the vehicles were ready. The age of 3D printing has abandoned the necessity of shipping of all produced parts as the vehicle can be constructed entirely with the method of 3D printing.

These vehicles made by 3D printing process are lighter than other vehicles whereas their efficiency is higher. They are also made thicker at parts for making them more efficient, just like the other standard vehicles. This revolutionary idea would surely bring good change in the making process of vehicles while also seeking to make them lighter and more efficient.

The car takes only 2500 hours before it is ready. So, the making process is relatively smaller. Urbee is made in one piece and the absence of connections as well as joints makes it stronger than the other vehicles that have joints as well as connections.


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Pro Jet3500 3D Printers are the Latest Advancement in 3d Print Industry

Picture Credit :

Picture Credit :

ProJet3500 3D printers of 3D Systems are the latest technological advancement that the industry of 3D printing has witnessed. Eight models have been released in the category and altogether ProJet3500 printers have revolutionary potential. The advancement in this innovation is hint of long-term impact of ProJet3500 printers.

Substances required by ProJet3500 printers are still the same, plastic, wax, etc. However, other aspects have been upgraded by the company. Now, 3D printers can be operated through mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. The control of all eight models is facilitated with touch-screen. Material management and production-level printers’ head are also features of ProJet3500 printers. All the models are based on CPXMAX and HDMAX Pro Jet technology, on which MultiJet was built too. 3D Systems’ substances for Visi Jet can be utilised in ProJet3500 as well. Since the machine can be directed through mobile devices, the company provides mobile application too. It is named Print3D. Apart from these, the company provides 5years’ warranty on the printer heads too. Special design of the model has made 3D printing convenient that it was ever before. From reverse engineering to fresh production, ProJet3500 are capable of every task.

Pro Jet3500 promise a new era of 3D printing in which the service would not remain reserved for specific group of people or companies. It shall soon make 3D printers readily available in every locality of developed cities and towns.

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